Corpo Pools

Firewall friendly Mining Pools

  • Gateway for Public and Corporate Networks to Cryptocurrencies
  • Well known TCP ports for Stratum Services
  • every pool have dedicated server
  • 4 x XEON E5
  • Nvme drive
  • 1 GB/s internet speed

XAO Pool

Alloy is a privacy focused Cryptocurrency

  • based on the CryptoNote technology
  • Alloy seeks to be easy to use with relatively zero fees
  • Alloy is inspired by Bitcoin however, Alloy is not a Bitcoin fork..
XAO Pool  


Dagger is new DAG based cryptocurrency payment system

  • It can process thousands of transactionsctions per second with  infinite scaling
  • It is decentalized, private and is CPU/GPU Mineable
  • Future is here

FLM Pool


  • FOLM is basically open source and decentralized digital cryptocurrency based on blockchain.
  • Folm Coin is also electric and resource friendly digital currency, based on the “Masternode” approval system and using the “PHI1612 Crypto Algorithm”.
  • With our crypto algorithm, you can mine FOLM, with less energy and heat.
FLM Pool